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Why I love: Firebox

I love Firebox. It’s not just about the awesome goodies, such as zombie slippers, tetris lights and earmuff headphones. It’s the personal touch – with their niche items and the way they interact with their customers. For example, I just ordered a Christmas prezzie for the boyfriend and got this confirmation email:

Hi ***

Thanks very much for your pre-order. You really are rather nice.

This exciting email is to confirm a few things you probably already know.

1.      Your online shopping skills are truly exceptional.
2.      Firebox has strong feelings for you.
3.      See 1 & 2.

Just in case you were possessed by aliens/malevolent spirits intent on a high quality impulse buying spree, here’s a confirmation of what you/they bought.


Your pre-ordered box of joy will contain:
When stock arrives, our crack warehouse team will slap it (carefully) in our hand-folded packaging and have it on its way to the address below.


We’ll also drop you another email to let you know once it’s out the door.
So you know when to get really excited.

Until we meet again, stay out of trouble.



I love that there is nothing ‘standard’ about them. And they provide a bloody good service!

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