New on Netflix: Beyond Clueless

beyond clueless film poster

I just finished watching Peep Show on Netflix and was flicking through what’s new, just to make sure my ever-growing list isn’t missing anything, when I came across Beyond Clueless, the teen movie doc. I reviewed this over a month … Continue reading

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Film review for aliljoy: Some Like it Hot

some like it hot

“I don’t know how Marilyn Monroe movies gained a reputation that means contemporary audiences are quick to dismiss them, but Some Like it Hot is right up there in my list of favourites. Just don’t ask me to rank them!” Post continues … Continue reading

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Film review for aliljoy: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

nick and norah's infinite playlist“Don’t go thinking this is just another teen rom-com – Lorene Scafaria’s script, based on the novel by Rachel Cohn, is punchy and original.”

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Film review for aliljoy: Jurassic Park

jurassic park“Jurassic Park really is one of those films which was a great representation of the time it was made but which also stands up against its contemporaries, evoking awe and wonder in the eyes of everyone who watches it, whether it’s for the first time or the 101st time!”

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