Bump Watch: Week 35 – summer maternity wear

35 weeks pregnant

It’s my due date in five weeks – you can count the number of remaining weeks on one hand! But it still feels like forever away… I think once I hit ‘full term’ in two weeks it will feel a … Continue reading

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Shop of the week: New Look

You know how when you’ve got money and want to treat yourself you can’t find anything you like, yet when you’re broke you love everything? I’m in between pay days and there are loads of things I love in New Look. They have a massive owl selection plus other great brands. Check these out.

What Katy Did Next has an awesome owl range at New Look (and a boring rose range, but we won’t mention that!). I know it’s hugely expensive for what it is, but I really love the backpack

iPad cover, £17.99
Bag, £24.99
Backpack, £49,99
Purse, £16.99

Plus there’s the usual owl stock, including tops, tees and socks

Sweater, £14.99
Peter Pan collar peplum top, £16.99
Plimsolls, £5.99

T-shirt, £7.99
T-shirt, £9.99
T-shirt, £9.99
Socks, £1.99
Socks, £1.99

But let’s forget about owls for a moment. There are plenty of other things to fill your wardrobe with, such as the awesome Brat and Suzie range

Polar bear top, £34.99
Bear top, £34.99
Penguin top £39.99
Squirrel t-shirt, £31.99
Penguin t-shirt, £31.99

There’s also plenty of other staple items which you can jazz up to go from day to night

Dress, £24.99
Lace t-shirt, £31.49
Peplum top (comes in black and purple), £7.99
Lace sweater (comes in black and green), £12.99
Peplum t-shirt, £14.99

Go on, treat yourself!