Saturday Share #82

saturday share_blue

It’s been a busy week. Not one with a lot on, just one of those weeks which seems to have gone by really quickly and where you feel like you haven’t really done anything. Fortunately my book reviews were scheduled … Continue reading

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What makes the perfect blog planner?

blogtacular blog planner

Having tried out the Paperchase blogger’s journal and the Dot Creates ultimate blog planner, and found both to be missing a little something, I got to wondering what makes the perfect blog planner. I’ve scoured various stationery websites and blogging … Continue reading

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Item(s) of the day: Stationery supplies from Hema

stationery supplies from hema

Whether you’re back to school shopping, hunting down new bullet journal supplies or if you’re just a stationery addict, I’ve got you covered. Or, rather, Hema does! I’ve never seen so much cheap and awesome stationery online! Here are some … Continue reading

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Etsy wishlist: Blogging special

blogging accessories from etsy

Etsy is a magical place; if you’re ever looking for something really specific, you can usually find it there. Like blogging accessories! I’ve found a whole load of mugs, prints, stickers, t-shirts and more, all at awesome prices! Check out … Continue reading

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