Feeling inspired at the Falmouth Summer Shows

falmouth university summer shows 2016

There’s nothing like walking around the Summer Shows at the number one arts university in the country to make you feel both inspired and utterly talentless! Image via I’ve always been a bit of a wordsmith and completely useless when … Continue reading

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My life in photos: May 2016

my life in photos may 2016

I’m making more of a conscious effort to take photos every day – and not just of Jenson! You may have spotted most of these snaps on Instagram over the last month and I like sharing them in an end … Continue reading

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Follow Friday #46

follow friday

It’s moments like this that I’m grateful for my re-organisation of my Bloglovin’ account. I cleverly created a separate collection for the posts I have read and loved, ready to upload to a Follow Friday post, making life super-easy when … Continue reading

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Follow Friday #35

follow friday

Happy New Year! Still feeling the effects of last night? Snuggle down with a brew and some biccies and let these fabulous posts entertain you. Baby Wanna know how strong a mother’s love is? Check out Jodie’s post, which totally … Continue reading

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My life in photos: October 2015

Because so much of ‘my’ month is filled with photos of Jenson, I’ve decided to split this post into two parts – one featuring my month (general lifestyle shiz) and one featuring Jenson (outfits, toys, activities, etc). Fun, right?

my october in photos 2015

1. I wrote about my miscarriage for Baby Loss Awareness Week
2. I went to The Front Room in Penzance for coffee and cake. Their caramel shortbreads are incredible!
3. I cut this out of my garden seeing as how we never sit out there. It brightened up my desk for a few days
4. I treated myself to a completely new outfit – dress, cardigan, tights, boots, the lot.
5. I also treated myself to ridiculously warm PJs from Sainsburys
6. Here are the new boots! I went for the traditional Instagram shot and only realised later that there was some litter in the pile of leaves. Not impressed.
7. Train trip to Plymouth minus baby! Breakfast and reading material were taken care of.
8. I was unimpressed with The Entertainer toy store in Plymouth. Pink floor in the girls’ corner? Oh, hell no!
9. Next was much more impressive, with superhero t-shirts in the girls’ section.
10. No trip to Primark is complete without new PJs. I loved this Alice in Wonderland combo.
11. I stocked up on motivational quote postcards from Paperchase. My inspo wall is looking incredible.
12. Did you know that you can get a Roald Dahl book with every Happy Meal? Such a great idea!
13. Caught up on my Glamour subscription on the train and loved this article about raising a feminist son…
14. … and Dawn O’Porter’s about a mother’s love.
15. Saw Spectre and The Martian this month. I bleddy love our cinema.
16. My mum let me have an early Christmas present so that I have a non-changing bag day bag. Love this bag and purse combo from Accessorize.

jenson's october in photos 2015

1. The playmat has become the token baby photo backdrop. Lion cardigan and trousers both from F&F.
2. Gary the Giraffe (I named him) is Jenson’s favourite toy. It’s breathable too so I can leave it in the cot when I’m not in the room.
3. He also loves this crinkly cow book – everything has to go in his mouth.
4. He likes sleeping with his hands over his eyes like this at the moment. I’m tempted to paint eyes on his palms, Pan’s Labyrinth style.
5. He’s got a walker which works as a rocking chair until he’s ready to start roaming around.
6. We’ve made the move to the big boy cot – although it’s in the living room for nap time at the mo as it’s too big for the bedroom. He’s spending his nights in the travel cot for now.
7. I was very impressed with The Front Room’s mini creche. They have a cute little spot under the stairs for you to pop your baby in while you have your coffee. Genius!
8. My lovely friend, Cassie, bought Jenson a Paddington Bear book set. It’s so beautifully presented.
9. Jenson still adores his Loved So Much playmat. We’ve taken the bars off it now for him to have something just to chill out on in the office. He loves snuggling under the big, rattly arms.
10. Cuddles with Uncle Rob.
11. He loves grabbing Daddy’s beard!
12. Superbaby chilling out in the ball pit.
13. He took to it so well but because he’s not sitting up unaided yet I need to give him a bit of support. He loves the balls and wants to shove those in his mouth too.
14. He still loves his dinosaur playmat and has managed to pull the toys off the hooks on the odd occasion.
15. I’ve bought him a few different teething toys (Bright Starts, Nuby and The Very Hungry Caterpillar) to try and find something to help and it’s the pack of two from Poundland which he loves – go figure! They go in the fridge and he loves to chew on something cool. Once he starts weaning I’ll try bits of mango straight from the fridge.
16. Jenson has started playing with some of his bigger toys now and has become best buds with this adorable and soft elephant from my cousin. Cuteness!

Let’s see what November brings!

Follow Friday #26

follow friday

I’ve been making my way through some old bookmarked posts and found loads of great recipes to try, blogging tips and Cornish recommendations. Enjoy! Lifestyle Why I Couldn’t Travel the World – The Cornish Life A breath of fresh air … Continue reading

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