Item of the day: Avengers Moleskines

spiderman moleskineI started this blog post as a feature on the new Harry Potter Moleskines but when I went to share the link I discovered that there are some pretty epic limited edition Avengers Moleskines available now too! I think the Spiderman one is my favourite. It’s £29.95 but the others are £19.95.

Best of the sales

i want one of those sale

One of the best things about Christmas is the post-Christmas sales – just try and ignore the fact that the gifts you bought are now half price! I’ve been checking out the whole internet (well, almost) so you don’t have … Continue reading

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Favourite notebook brand: Moleskine

Moleskine do the best notebooks and there are many different types for different purposes. I’ve got loads at home and there are plenty more on my list.


iPad cover, £65.00
Pink gift box, £33.81 (also available in purple, yellow and black)
Little Price box, £43.50
Peanuts box, £43.50
Detour book, £64.90


Professional notebook, £15.99
Storyboard notebook, £11.50
Lego notebook, £13.50
Mickey Mouse notebook, £13.99
Star Wars notebook, £11.99


Sticky notes, £6.99
Music notebook, £11.50
Pocket notes, £6.99


Women Create Life notebook, £22.00
Recipe journal, £16.99
Film journal, £16.99
Paris notebook, £6.25
New York notebook, £6.25