Tu clothing wishlist: The Jenson edition

tu clothing wishlist: the jenson edition

I think I might actually be addicted to buying things for Jenson. I can’t walk into Sainsburys or Morrisons (both conveniently a short walk down the road) without buying anything for him. Fortunately, Morrisons have had a massive sale on … Continue reading

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Follow Friday #35

follow friday

Happy New Year! Still feeling the effects of last night? Snuggle down with a brew and some biccies and let these fabulous posts entertain you. Baby Wanna know how strong a mother’s love is? Check out Jodie’s post, which totally … Continue reading

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What I’ve been watching lately

bill fucking murray

When I was a film blogger/journo/critic, back in the day, I wrote about every film I saw. These days I’ve been seriously slacking but I’ve seen some awesome stuff and wanna give you a little highlight of some recommendations. Wish … Continue reading

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Item of the day: Marvel bodycon dress from Sports Direct

marvel bodycon dress from sports direct

I saw someone walking around town the other day wearing this incredible dress and didn’t have the nerve to ask her where she got it from. Then, when I was desperately checking every single store for a waterproof coat, I … Continue reading

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