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choco cafe stationery

My problem with Instagram is that I’m always screenshotting things I love and forgetting to search for them later. There are dozens of images on my phone going back months and most of them are impossible to find now. Here … Continue reading

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Item of the day: Cat socks

kitty socks from lazy oafThere is no excuse for boring socks. Even if you have to wear plain black ones for work or something, at least get some quirky knee high ones, like these kitty ones from Lazy Oaf. They’re £8.00. And if you like those, you might like their kitty passcase too.

10 Things I Love About… this month’s Company

I’m on a roll with my magazine subscriptions at the mo – there’s loads of interesting articles which I believe are genuinely relevant to my life right now plus plenty of must-have and (mostly) affordable items. Woooo!

Here are my highlights from this month’s Company:

1. Kate Moross’ Make Your Own Luck is meant to be a Bible for wannabe graphic designers and illustrators. I’m more with the words than with the art but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of interesting and pretty stuff to look at!

kate moross make your own luck from amazon

2. Jameela Jamil’s column. This is consistently one of my favourite pages in the mag – I love this woman! This month’s column is titled ‘Bye Bye Self-Criticism’. Jameela notes that for Lent everyone is keen to give up a bad habit, so she is giving up her own self-criticism:

“Personally, I’d like to take a bad emotional habit and cut it out of my life for 40 days. I think my addiction to criticism and doubt of myself is in need of a swift kick.”

That’s such a great idea and has inspired me to work on something similar myself, which I’ll share with you next week.

3. Matt Edmondson’s column also hit quite close to home – it’s about everyone’s obsession with beards!


4. I really love the regular ‘Love My Life’ feature. The phrase ‘fuck my life’ is thrown around so often by whiney emo bitches on Facebook (yes, I feel that strongly about it) and it’s great to see someone happy! Plus I find the peek inside their homes and lives really interesting, regardless of their location or career.

5. Ooh, a new regular feature on food! Just what the magazine has been missing. I’m looking forward to Alice and Laura’s new column.

6. Considering this issue is an East London special, something I know very little about and didn’t think would particularly interest me, there has still been plenty for Cornish maids like myself to enjoy. I particularly liked the feature on lesser known fashion brands. I’d already heard of (and love) Illustrated People but have totally fallen for Hannah Beth Fincham‘s unicorn sweater.

hannah beth fincham unicorn sweater

7. I don’t know where I’ve been but Miranda July’s book is news to me! I come across some great random book recommendations via Company’s #readitandtweet and No One Belongs Here More Than You is the latest to make it onto my list. I like her quirky films (quirky in a way that used to actually mean something, rather than random hipster shit – man, this post is quite angsty!) .

miranda july book

8. The featured interview with YouTube sensation Zoella (who, I’m sorry, means nothing to me) includes a photo shoot with her wearing some pretty great stuff from Truffle Shuffle

beauty school dropout sweater from truffle shuffle

9. … and Lazy Oaf

watch yourself sweater from lazy oaf

10. … and River Island. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the super-cute pink polka dot skirt featured in the mag online. Booo.

I’ll be adding the rest of those to my wish list then…

Item of the day: Rainbow mini skirt

rainbow mini skirt from Lazy OafOk, first of all, I know this is a rather weird outfit to feature, but bear two things in mind. First of all, this is from Lazy Oaf, so the quirk factor is expected. And second of all, just look at the mini skirt on its own. Pretty cute right? Now it’s all starting to make sense! £45 isn’t bad for a skirt with so many colours in it that it’s bound to always match something!

Batman! Na na na na na na na na…

I’m going through a phase. It’s arguably an odd one considering my age and gender (I’m a girl and I’ll be 25 in a few weeks) but I’m properly obsessed with Batman! As a kid, I loved watching the old, camp TV show and movies. And I’m a huuuge fan of the Chris Nolan films. But now if I see any clothing with the logo or anything on, it’s mine. I picked up these bargain beauties from a little shop in Penzance (not sure where else you can get ’em – soz) and now Lazy Oaf has a cool new range. They’re a bit pricier, mind.

My Batman goodies

Batman goodies from Lazy Oaf

Cropped baseball shirt, £40.00
Logo shirt, £65.00
Slob t-shirt, £38.00
Logo bodysuit, £45.00
Cropped top, £38.00

Plus The Big Bang Theory has really made me want a Batman cookie jar and my own bat signal.