My life in photos: January 2017

january 2017 in photos

We made it! We survived the most depressing month of the year. I might not have done too well on the old resolutions (does one bath cut short by a screaming baby count as self-care?) but there’s still 11 months … Continue reading

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Item of the day: The Big Lebowski bluray

the big lebowski reel heroes bluray from amazonBecause when I go to HMV I have to walk up and down every aisle to make sure I don’t miss anything awesome, I came across this yesterday. And if it wasn’t for the fact that it seemed ridiculous to own three copies of the same film, even if it is one of my favourites, I would have had it. The Reel Heroes covers are amazing but I put it back in favour of buying gifts for other people. Well, there was a 3 for £20 offer and we bought two gifts plus one for us (pretty good ratio I thought!) and went for V For Vendetta instead. Good decision? I think so. Although The Big Lebowski is on a 3 for £17 offer on Amazon. Hmmm…

Why I love: HMV

There are three stores that I fall in love with every time I walk through the doors: Urban Outfitters, Waterstones and HMV. Besides the obvious supermarket, they’re the only stores I really need in my life. Unfortunately, I don’t live particularly close to any of them. Thank God for the HMV website – more stock, wider ranges, 24-7 shopping and free deliveries. Perfect-a-mondo!

HMV has everything a comic book geek, film buff or muso could need, so if you’re looking for something for your walls, something to accompany your Big Night In or something to curl up in a chair and read, look no further.

My highlights are the steelbook DVDs. Whenever I want a new release blu ray, I always go for one of these. Plus they also do a few special editions.

HMV steelbooks

Men in Black 3, £20
The Bourne Legacy, £25
ET, £20
The Shawshank Redemption, £15
Se7en, £22

There are loads of other great titles. Just go to the HMV website and search for ‘steelbook’. Titles you might want to pre-order include Skyfall (already done!), Looper, Taken 2 and Casablanca. Oh, and they also do the odd steelbook case for computer games too.

I love framing film posters and hanging them on the walls. I’ve got loads in storage at my parents’ house as it’s not fair to hog all the wall space in my new home. In all rooms except our offices, we have things we both like (oh, and the Audrey Hepburn canvas hanging by the stairs. Oops!) and it can sometimes be difficult to compromise (I’m not impressed that the Bane poster is in his office – it’s awesome!). Here are some of my current HMV favourites. Oh, and if you’re shopping in store, you can pick up a free poster when you buy a frame. Bargain!

HMV posters

Skyfall teaser, £4.99
The Dark Knight Rises teaser, £4.99
Florence and the Machine, £4.99
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, £3.99
Blondie, £3.99

My bookcase is overflowing but you can never have too many books. HMV has everything from graphic novels to autobiographies. Here are some highlights

HMV books

The Art of Making the Dark Knight Trilogy, £13
Captain America: Marvel Platinum Definitive, £12
I’m A Lebowski, £5
Moranthology, £15
James Bond 22 Movie Posters, £4.99

Are there any other HMV fanatics out there?