My life in photos: January 2017

january 2017 in photos

We made it! We survived the most depressing month of the year. I might not have done too well on the old resolutions (does one bath cut short by a screaming baby count as self-care?) but there’s still 11 months … Continue reading

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Friday Favourites #30

jen kirkman just keep livin

It’s been the first full week (ok, I’m part-time but still) back at work since Christmas and I’ve been bleddy knackered. The commute means I’m ready for bed come 8pm on a Wednesday so I don’t really get much done … Continue reading

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(Another) New Look summer wish list

new look summer wish list part 2

Yeah, I know I posted one about six weeks ago but my gosh New Look are killing it with their summer stock! And it’s not just about the long baggy vest tops and midi skirts – there are hellah cute … Continue reading

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Tried and tested: JD Williams party wear

I was a very happy girl the other day to receive the rather fabulous offer of reviewing a selection of party wear from JD Williams – and I got to pick the pieces myself! After a couple of minutes browsing the website, which, to be honest, I hadn’t paid much attention to before, I created a pretty long shortlist of items before whittling it down to these three items: a Joe Browns dress (I do love me some Joe Browns!) teamed with a gold bag and stud detail tights (actually a pack of two) for a bit of sparkle.

tried and tested: jd williams party wear

Now, if you’re a regular reader of the blog, you’ll know I’m not one for ‘outfit of the day’ posts – I’d rather be behind the camera than in front of it. So I dragged the boyfriend down to the beach for a mini photoshoot – you can’t go wrong with a beautiful Cornish backdrop to complement the rather lovely clothes!

tried and tested: jd williams party wear

tried and tested: jd williams party wear

I have to be honest about a couple of things that are hiding in the photos, however… The zip is one of those fiddly ones which will only do up when it’s not on you – I promise it’s the right size (there was plenty of room) but there was a bit of a gaping hole hiding under the cardigan. If I had bought this dress myself I would have asked for an exchange as I don’t have the patience for those things! Also, the tights are a size 12-16 but felt like they were made for someone a foot shorter. I’m a size 12-14 but those things were a bugger to actually get up on my waist and once they got there they just kept falling down – it’s a good thing the dress is a great length! After the shoot I ditched the tights and walked around St Ives bare legged for the rest of the afternoon.

The fit of the dress itself is perfection. I love skater dresses and it’s the perfect length to show a bit of leg without too much over the knee. And the tights are the perfect thickness for wandering the streets in between cocktails in the evening.

Thanks, JD Williams! I’ll definitely be checking you out next time my fingers start itching for some online shopping. Oh, it’s Pay Day tomorrow!

Location photos by Allanson Hunter.