Some thoughts on… Batman V Superman (spoiler free)

batman v superman poster

I’m not gonna post a typical review of Batman V Superman because anyone who has been on the internet in the last week will have seen the sheer volume of reviews and the battle between fans and critics. In case … Continue reading

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Film review: The Avengers: Age of Ultron

the avengers age of ultron

When the most anticipated film of the year was released, we had pre-booked tickets for the first 3D screening (in Penzance – we’re not that lucky!) and filled our bellies with yummy pizza beforehand. Problem was, half an hour after … Continue reading

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New on Netflix: Beyond Clueless

beyond clueless film poster

I just finished watching Peep Show on Netflix and was flicking through what’s new, just to make sure my ever-growing list isn’t missing anything, when I came across Beyond Clueless, the teen movie doc. I reviewed this over a month … Continue reading

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What I’ve been watching lately

robot and frank

While I was away from blogging for a while, I started building up a long list of films I had seen and wanted to review. So much time has gone past now that I thought I’d whittle them down into … Continue reading

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Film review for aliljoy: Some Like it Hot

some like it hot

“I don’t know how Marilyn Monroe movies gained a reputation that means contemporary audiences are quick to dismiss them, but Some Like it Hot is right up there in my list of favourites. Just don’t ask me to rank them!” Post continues … Continue reading

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