My life in photos: January 2017

january 2017 in photos

We made it! We survived the most depressing month of the year. I might not have done too well on the old resolutions (does one bath cut short by a screaming baby count as self-care?) but there’s still 11 months … Continue reading

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A Cornish geek’s birthday/Christmas wish list

29th birthday and christmas wish list

I’ve finally done it! I’ve picked the ultimate gifts for my 29th birthday and Christmas stocking. Is 29 too old to still be doing Christmas lists? I’ve already been asked by two people if there’s anything special I’d like for … Continue reading

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10 things I love about Gemma Correll

I said I’d be back today with another post on mental health. You’d be forgiven for thinking that’s not the case, looking at the title of the post, but this woman has done so much to normalise mental health issues and to encourage people to recognise that it’s ok not to be ok that she deserves a little shout out.

Gemma Correll is a British designer/illustrator and has created loads of little pick me ups for those moments where you need a bit of reassurance that you’re not alone and that this too shall pass. Here are some of my faves.

1. Whenever I get stressed out with my workload, my colleague and friend always says “you’ve got this”. And she’s right! This postcard reminds me of her.

gemma correll support postcard
Postcard, 75p

2. If you struggle with anxiety and depression, chances are you’re an over-thinker. I’m sure most of us can relate.

gemma correll overthinker notebook
Notebook, £4.95

3. We all need a reminder to look after ourselves sometimes.

gemma correll card
Card, £2.50

4. I feel like she totally gets me! I totally need these stickers for my bujo.

gemma correll stickers
Stickers, £4.00

5. This introvert’s journal is one of my favourite things in the world. It doesn’t just look great on the outside but it has a great layout too – perfect for a frazzled blogger!

introverts journal by gemma correll
Journal, £15.00

6. I love how relatable and funny everything is, rather than serious and patronising. The Feminist Activity Book was the first thing added to my Christmas list this year. It’d make a great stocking filler for a lot of people I know, come to think of it.

feminist activity book by gemma correll
Activity book, £9.61

7. The book, Being A Girl, looks like the kind of thing I could have done with a decade ago. Totally still want to read it now.

being a girl illustrated by gemma correll
Book, £10.57

8. Already convinced that this girl is awesome? Her book, The Worrier’s Guide to Life, sounds like it’s gonna be pretty epic too, right? It’s even available as a calendar!

worriers guide to life calendar by gemma correll
Calendar, £10.99

9. She created a feckin’ epic series of illustrations about what #mentalillnessfeelslike

10. She contributed to this awesome book about mental health problems and young people.

mind your head book
Book, £7.99

Need a daily dose? Give her a follow on Instagram for regular smiles :)

Saturday Share #68

saturday share_blue

Prepare yourself for some epic reading as I make up for being MIA last week. I may not have been updating my own blog but I kept checking out my faves. Here’s a round-up of my fave posts from the … Continue reading

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Saturday Share #67

Another awesome week in the blogosphere, packed with Feminist Fridays, blogging tips and yummy baked goods. Pour yourself a brew and enjoy!

saturday share_blue

I really need to listen to Regina Spektor’s new album. Love that gal

Feminist Fridays? Bleddy good idea!

I’m not a fan of Zoella. The girl is clearly good at what she does but her content doesn’t really do a lot for me. But even I’ve got to admit that her new home range looks pretty awesome

Get more hygge in your life

I want this Totoro chair so bad!

Italy is very near the top of my travel bucket list

I feel like the only person who has never been to Brighton! It looks a bit like a home away from home. Need to go!

How awesome does Mayim Bialik’s book ‘Girling Up’ sound?!

Bullet journal
Totally inspired by Holly’s post

Make it
I’m def gonna try these apple and granola puff parcels

Lemon and blueberry scone slices? Yes please!

Cat has some great tips on how to grow your Twitter following

Linked In is a vital tool for bloggers and freelances. Holly has some advice on making it work for you

So many social media tips this week! My fave comes from Gwennan – she gets a million impressions a month on Pinterest!

Film & TV
Looking forward to The Good Wife spin-off

Having a baby? At the risk of freaking you out, reading Amy’s post about induction. A friend of mine had to be induced last year and she was told nothing about it beforehand by her midwife! As scary as these things are, it’s better to be prepared.

What have you loved reading this week?

Saturday Share #60

saturday share_blue

There’s something good about finding the time to publish these weekly posts late on a Saturday night (#partyon) – it means y’all have loads to read over your Sunday morning coffee! You’re welcome. Read on for Cornwall travel tips, beautiful … Continue reading

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