Bump Watch: Week 27 – thinking about post-labour plans

27 weeks pregnant

We’re another week closer towards meeting the little dude – I can almost count the remaining weeks on two hands! I’m now 27 weeks pregnant and he’s approximately 37cm long – that’s way longer than a standard ruler now. Every … Continue reading

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Bump Watch: Week 26 – Preparing for labour

26 weeks pregnant

The less exciting side-effects of pregnancy just keep on coming – puffy ankles, first stretch marks, leaky boobs (yes, already!), grunting whenever I get up or sit down… It’s getting classier every week! Time is also pressing on. We’re halfway … Continue reading

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Bump Watch: Week 22 – essential baby purchases

22 weeks pregnant

So, I’m 22 weeks pregnant and feeling bigger by the day! He’s doing bigger kicks now, the kind you can feel with your hand on my belly, but I’m still waiting for him to be more active around his daddy … Continue reading

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Bump Watch: Week 21 – boy or girl?

20 week scan

We went for the 20-week scan this week and it was better than all of our other appointments combined. The first scan was pretty incredible, as was listening to the heartbeat for the first time, but so much had changed … Continue reading

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