Bump Watch: Week 37 – writing my birth plan

37 weeks pregnant

Today I’m officially full-term and although he isn’t technically ‘due’ for another three weeks, I honestly wouldn’t mind if he made an appearance before then. I was initially excited to have a few weeks to myself before he arrives but … Continue reading

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Bump Watch: Week 36 – maternity leave

36 weeks pregnant

Shit just got real! Tomorrow is my last day at work and this time next week I’ll technically be full term. I’m adamant that this pregnancy hasn’t ‘flown by’ but I still don’t feel ready. Mainly because the baby’s room … Continue reading

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Bump Watch: Week 35 – summer maternity wear

35 weeks pregnant

It’s my due date in five weeks – you can count the number of remaining weeks on one hand! But it still feels like forever away… I think once I hit ‘full term’ in two weeks it will feel a … Continue reading

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Bump Watch: Week 34 – things I’ll miss about being pregnant (and those I won’t!)

34 weeks pregnant

It’s been a helluva week and as I get bigger and more uncomfortable it’s hard to remember the more ‘fun’ parts of being pregnant. The pelvic dysfunction is giving me more trouble in the evenings, particularly moving around in bed … Continue reading

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