Highlights of the week

Here’s this week’s rundown of my new blog discoveries, favourite articles/posts and other things I’ve been loving.

New blog discoveries

by Regina – check out posts on how to get serious about blogging, 10 non-icky ways to make money blogging, business tasks for blogging, how to not look like an amateur blogger in 12 easy steps,

Favourite blog posts

Read Women Month – Stasia Likes Cakes
How to make mouthwatering blueberry muffins – My Little Tale
Dealing with not so nice comments – Bonjour, Blogger
HTML cheat sheet for bloggers – The Blog Stylist
So, where do men fit into the #yesallwomen movement? – Hello Giggles
41 problems everybody in Cornwall can understand – BuzzFeed


The cornucopia of comics
Seth Rogen in row with critics over shooting comments
Lobby your MP over cuts to DSA

My week in photos

my week in photos

1. Dawn O’Porter thanked me for my review of Goose!

2. The girls at work got me some awesome new stationery!

3. Another weekend of cider. I’m seeing a pattern emerging…

4. I won loads of plants at a fete tombola! More on this next week

Want, need, wear, read

want need wear read

Want: Who wouldn’t want heart-shaped waffles for breakfast in the morning? This machine is £17.99 from I Want One of Those

Need: This little guy will stop your wooden spoon from messing up your worktop and slipping too far into the saucepan – brilliant nifty gadget from I Want One of Those (£7.99)

Wear: The perfect summer dress (£60.00 from Topshop)

Read: I’ve been looking for a book on the business of blogging and this one seems to be the most popular (£7.58, Amazon)


2 thoughts on “Highlights of the week”

  1. I like the Blog Inc. book as a great overview and starting place + P.S. I looooove old movies too. Thank you so much for your sweet links to my site.

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