My top 25 most played

I think you can tell a lot about a person from their 25 most played songs on iTunes. So, with that, I give you my top 25 – from 133 to 33 plays. This will reveal my go-to Taylor Swift songs when I finish a book and need something to occupy me on the bus, my soft spot for N-Dubz and my favourite film soundtracks.

Good Vibrations by Gym Class Heroes. Couldn’t find a decent video for this one. I first heard it on One Tree Hill at the end of Season 4 and still love it.

Stay Stay Stay by Taylor Swift (no official music video)

The Lucky One by Taylor Swift

And that’s all folks! Before you judge me, check your own list. What tracks are you surprised to see?

Item of the day: Cookie cutter set

cookie cutter sets from QuinceI love having multicoloured stuff in my kitchen. I’ve got a set of mixing bowls, cake tins and measuring spoons. Now you can get these awesome cookie cutters from Quince. Plus they come in cool shapes, including flowers, hearts and stars. They’re £6.00 per set.

My National Stationery Week goodies

I’ve already shared my favourite buys (the Emma notebook and Bread and Jam jotter) but I want to give a quick shout out to the awesome people who ran competitions during NSW14 – I won three of them! Woooooo!

It took me a couple of weeks to receive my winnings as I had them sent to my parents’ house – I’m never in when the postie comes and hate having to go and collect packages, even if it’s stationery! So here are my prizes in all their glory.

@PurePens sent me this lovely Faber-Castell pen…

National Stationery Week Pure Pens

@ZebraPenUK sent me a four-colour pen plus a sample of their new non-smudge gel pen. I love thoughtful compliment slips too…

National Stationery Week Zebra Pen

@accordoffice sent me a hardback notebook and pen – winning combo!

National Stationery Week Accord Office

And last but by no means list, Coulson Macleod sent me this amazing set of notebooks!

National Stationery Week Coulson Macleod

Seriously, check out how cute the typography is on the covers.

National Stationery Week Coulson Macleod

If you want to get your hands on some, check out the stationery section on their website.

Best for dresses: Lady V London

Lady V London’s latest vintage dresses have been popping up over my Facebook news feed over the last week and there are so many gorgeous gowns to choose from. I think it’s my new favourite place for dresses. If you’re looking for a dress for a garden party, BBQ at a friend’s or a picnic in the park, look no further.

lady v london butterfly dress

This is the first dress I ever saw on their website and it was love at first sight. It’s £50.00.

lady v london swan print dress

This swan print dress is perfect to take from day to night time wear. And it’s reduced to £17.00!!! If you’re a size 10 or 12, get in there quick!

lady v london birdcage swing dress

Their birdcage swing dress (£50.00) is perfect if you plan on going out dancing after cocktails.
lady v london yellow dress

The colour and print of this dress (£45.00) makes it perfect for the summer.

Have any of these just jumped to the top of your wishlist?

Item of the day: Woodland creature ice cube tray

woodland creature ice cube trayIsn’t it nice coming home from work and having it still be light out? You can eat your dinner outside or just sit in the garden with a  cocktail or two. If you’re doing the latter, you’re gonna be needing some ice and why have normal ice when you have adorable woodland creatures?! This ice cube tray from IWOOT is £8.99.

Geek Life post for The Digital Fix

rubik's cube light from firebox“It’s the Bank Holiday weekend but the week before Pay Day – what’s up with that?! It feels like everyone’s offering 20% off their stock but that’s still way beyond my bank balance at this time of the month. So whatever your budget, whether you’ve got £8, £85 or £108, I’ve got you covered!”

Post continues here.

Highlights of the week

Here’s some of the cool shit I found online this week:

Favourite articles

Why you should get paid for your blog posts –
Can you make it through this post without your ovaries exploding? – Buzz Feed
Despite the best efforts of Cameron’s Britain, being in your twenties is actually great - New Statesman
Got Blogger’s Block? Here Are 50 Ways to Kick Its Ass! – Gala Darling
Watch the first three minutes of Joss Whedon’s new film, In Your Eyes - Indiewire

Shoulda woulda coulda (or: things I would have blogged about if there were more days in the week!)

Awesome finds on Paperchase, including their ‘Taking Tea‘ range, cute rabbit timer and deer mug

Primark’s Marvel women’s range

Roald Dahl mugs from Truffle Shuffle

Want, need, wear, read (inspired by The Cake Hunter’s birthday wish list)

Want: I am completely in love with this Essenza Paz duvet set from Next but it’s £100 for a kingsize! Reckon if I hold out it’ll come down in price?

Need: When I bake, the hard bit is getting the items out of the trays. It has been easier with my silicone ones but this no-bake collapsible pan from Lakeland is perfect and, at £14.99, there’s no excuse not to start making cheesecakes! Yum!

Wear: Forget Kate Moss’ new range for Topshop – it’s all about Zooey Deschanel’s collection for Tommy Hilfiger

Read: Will Taylor’s book, based on his blog Bright Bazaar. I love his column for The Simple Things

Awesome images

Emma Stone being awesome

Image via


Item of the day: Bird feeder

twitter feed bird feeder from not on the high streetAs National Gardening Week comes to an end, I’m revealing my favourite find of the week. I’m loving this Twitter Feed bird feeder from Not on the High Street. It appeals to the social media geek in me. I’m a tad disappointed that it’s a whopping £75.00 though. You can personalise it with anything but why pick anything other than Twitter Feed after you’ve seen it? Bloody cool!

If you like this, browse similar items on my gardening Pinterest board and find out more about National Gardening Week.

Book review: The Fault in Our Stars

At the start of the year I was wandering around a book shop with the boyfriend looking for something to read. Gone Girl was one of the titles that everyone was talking about, so I picked that up. Seeing that it was on the buy one get one half price offer, I figured it would be rude not to get something else and pondered it for a while. Sophie Kinsella had a new book out but it wasn’t a Shopaholic book,so I wasn’t sure. The boyfriend suggested The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. He’s one of his favourite YouTube stars and promised me that he is a good writer. Then I read the blurb on the back: “John Green’s most ambitious and heartbreaking work yet”. Heartbreaking? I can’t handle any more heartbreaking books on the bus! And kids with cancer? It didn’t exactly sound like easy reading. But a recommendation is a recommendation and I vowed to give it a go. Besides, Jodi Picoult had great things to say about it: “Electric … Filled with staccato bursts of humor and tragedy.”
the fault in our stars

The Fault in Our Stars is another young adult book. When I read Paper Aeroplanes I was a tad ashamed at first. It was a bit like my film snobbery – I didn’t want to be seen enjoying something made for children. But if these books are aimed at ‘young’ adults (Stars, Paper Aeroplanes and Soulmates), then kids are growing up a helluva lot faster than they used to! The book is narrated by its heroine, 16-year-old cancer patient, Hazel. Her parents think she needs to make friends and make her attend a support group with other cancer-stricken kids. One day she meets 17-year-old Augustus, who is fortunate enough to be in remission (she, herself, is incurable) and is at the meeting to support a mutual friend. Friendship soon blossoms and Augustus’ feelings develop into something more but Hazel is adamant that nothing can happen because she’s ‘a bomb’ – at some point (sooner rather than later) she’s gonna blow.

It’s easy to dismiss young love as just that but when you know that this is all our heroine will ever experience, it suddenly becomes something more. And it’s heartbreaking watching their relationship develop, with everyone clinging onto every last shred of hope. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Along the way you also get a beautiful coming of age story, a flash of inspiration to live in the moment and dream beyond what you originally thought possible.

It’s a well-written story too; I was surprised to find that a grown man could write in the voice of a teenage girl so well. It was almost Dawson’s Creek-esque – like she was too smart and funny for her own good. It also reminded me a bit of Gone Girl, in that the female writer managed to write in two/three completely different voices so well.

The film is released 20 June, so if you’re looking for a sob-fest without the literature, you don’t have to wait long. I for one hate crying in the cinema, so I’ll probably wait for the DVD release. It looks like it’s worth giving it a go though.